The "Associazione Amici delle Guide Alpine di Courmayeur" was established in July 2009, and since the beginning was linked to the Guide Alpine di Courmayeur as on a rope team, always ready to welcome new Amici (friends) to support new and innovating projects. The aim of the Associazione is to perpetuate, cherish, and hand down the mountaineering, environment-friendly and cultural traditions involving Mont Blanc, the Guide Alpine di Courmayeur and the enhancement of their profession, as well as the continual improvement of the Duke of Abruzzi Alpine Museum and its displays. In the recent years, the Amici have contributed to the achievement of the Interreg project aimed at the renewal of the Duke of Abruzzi Alpine Museum; sponsored the "Vestivano alla montanara" exhibition; replaced the Madonnina del Dente del Gigante statue, which had been damaged by lightning, with a new bronze one that was made by the Fonderie di Verra and, like in the old times, was carried up to the mountain summit by the Alpine Guides. The Associazione played a role in publishing the book "Le Guide di Courmayeur (e i loro clienti) sulle vie del Monte Bianco", written by the Alpine Guide Luciano Mareliati, and the book "Racconti in quota con Giuseppe Petigax - Quattro generazioni di Guide Alpine", written by the Alpine Guide Giuseppe Petigax. To honor the historical significance of the Guide Alpine di Courmayeur's long-standing commitment, the Amici also supported the project aimed at digitizing the old libretti professionali that in the second half of the Nineteenth century started to certify the Alpine Guide profession. Last summer, the renovation of the Ecless Bivouac, owned by the Società delle Guide Alpine di Courmayeur, was started. Lastly, with the placement of new pitons, the Associazione is currently supporting the renovation of the "Palestra delle Guide al Mont Chetif" climbing facility, which the Guides use for rock climbing training and courses for beginners.

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