During the 150th anniversary of the Society Guide Alpine in Courmayeur and the conservative restoration of the historic House of Guides, the Alpine Museum of the Duca degli Abruzzi has been completely renovated in the premises to host a new evocative setting.
In addition, collaborating with experienced operators in the event industry, it is possible to exhibit, at the Alpine Museum site, interesting mountain photo exhibitions and more. It is home to the Courmayeur House of Guides. It was wanted and started by the Duke of the Abruzzi and was inaugurated in 1929. The Museum is articulated on two floors: on the ground floor are depicted the guidebooks of the deceased guides on which the customers note their impressions on ascensions and any merits or demerits of the rope boss. In a display case are collected the books of the shelters on which mountaineers marked their passage; Other showcases contain the white banner of the Society's Guide to its first steps; The boots used by Queen Margherita in the expedition to the Spitzbergen in 1904, with which he reached the summit; Items from various shipments in Africa, Himalayas, Tibet and India Very interesting was the show of the polar expedition of the Duke of the Abruzzi (Tepliz Bay), to which glorious Courmayeur guides participated. Among the memorabilia to note the perch used by the Courmayeur Guides in attempts at the southern crest of the Aiguille Noire du Peuterey.
The Monte Bianco plastics performed on a scale of 1: 10,000 by the painter Alessio Nebbia illustrates the various morphological aspects of the massif; There is also Mario Fantin's K2 plastic, donated by him in memory of Alpine Guide Mario Puchoz who died during the K2 conquest expedition. The Alpine Museum Duca degli Abruzzi keeps the memory of the Alpine Guides of Courmayeur and documents the origin and development of the Guide craft, which is of paramount importance for the valorisation of the mountain in all its aspects, as well as for the development of mountain climbing and Of tourism linked to it. In the exhibition halls of the Museum, housed inside the historic House of the Guides, you will discover the glorious past of this noble profession, still today little known in what are its true values. The museum has a wealth of documents, photographs, mountain climbing equipment and souvenirs belonging to the Alpine Guides of Courmayeur. It houses precious booklets of guides, completed by the customers at the end of each excursion, with exciting anecdotes, the adventures of the Our Guides. Materials, historical uniforms, mountain clothing, and curious objects will tell you more than 150 years of history of this fascinating craft. The layout is on two floors along an exhibition path featuring numerous thematic sections, with the will to be not a simple container of disused objects, but a place of memory, which reconstructs and traces the various stages of the history of the guide craft , Through the valorisation, the disclosure and the enjoyment of their goods.

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Even when we are closed, we can be reached via email: info@guidecourmayeur.com
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